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Leroy victory fists in air. NEW! Sybil's new book, “Leroy Goes To The Olympics” is the inspirational story of real-life track star Leroy Dixon, a gold medalist at the 2008 Olympics. Here is a description of the book:
Leroy Goes To The Olympics, a children's graphic novel by Sybil Blazej-Yee, Concept by Dr. Michael Sheps, Artwork by Toran Joseph. Leroy Dixon's story is based on interviews with the Olympic athlete and conveys his struggle and the people who cheered him on through years of training. His life is sure to inspire 3rd to 5th grade boys who love to find out more about a real sports figure. The graphics feature refreshing artwork by a young new illustrator.
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Watson the beagle smiling. Our second book, “Beagle Boy Watson” is based on the real-life episodes of a beagle. Dog lovers everywhere who must deal with mischief and have a good laugh about it, will enjoy the story of Watson and his adoption by Gail, who was searching for the right new dog. Includes color photos by Tally Yee and Sybil Blazej-Yee and pencil drawings by Kit Blazej at age 10. Adventures in canine waywardness abound in this independent reader that will appeal to reluctant readers and pet lovers of all ages. Ages 6-10.

Today Watson is healthy, happy and content to stay at home... well, most of the time! He likes walks , car rides and belly rubs. He wouldn't say no to the ocassional treat, either! Buy the book.
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Honey Boy napping. “The Honey Boy Story” is also based on a real-life cat. The book is about a lost kitten who walks into a library and, luckily, is rescued. He eventually finds a home with two older cats, a man and woman who loves him very much. The intended audience is age 3-7, however pet lovers of all ages will enjoy the watercolor paintings done by a six year old and color photographs by Tally Yee and Sybil Blazej-Yee.

Being featured in his own book has not affected Honey Boy. He is still the laid-back boy cat that we know and love. At left is one of my favorite pictures of HB. Buy the book.
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Sybil Blazej-Yee, the author of both books was featured in a newspaper article. View the entire article in the Larchmont Chronicle.

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